This month’s program with Rob Kempinski and some Japanese black pine

Welcome to February! The best month, if you go by who’s birthday is in February. (Hint: your CFBC President….)

According to Punxsutawney Phil, we are in for a shorter winter this year, so get yourself ready for spring by gathering your soil, getting your pots cleaned, and start repotting.

This month we will be having Rob Kempinski, teaching us about Japanese black pines.

Rob is the current 2ndvp of Bsf, has been the President and various positions in the Bonsai Society of Brevard, is a published author of not only bonsai books but fiction as well. He’s had trees at the Bsf show, award winning trees at the Winter Silhouette show in Kannapolis , trees accepted in Bill Valavanis’ Rochester event, and more.

He is also an accomplished bonsai potter, stand maker and overall bonsai guru.

Of late, Rob has even been dabbling in oil painting.

It’s safe to say that Rob doesn’t sleep much.

Oh, and he’s a golfer. Take from that what you will.

We are very fortunate to have him this Friday (8th of February, 2019 at the usual meeting place 6021 S. Conway Rd, Orlando)

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