August Meeting & Willow Leaf Air Layer Forest Pt1

Friday, August 9th, 7:00pm. This month our meeting will focus on a Willow Leaf trunk that is around 20″ wide, and about 4 feet tall. It has a lot of damaged branches that make it unsuitable for bonsai, but the top is great and so is the bottom. We will begin a process of reusing the trunk elsewhere, and air layering all of the 4-5 inch wide branches, around 12-15 of them. There will be enough air layers for everyone to learn on, so be ready to get your hands dirty if you like. Our meeting format will be a lot shorter than normal, so if you are used to showing up late, you might miss quite a bit! 🙂 Topics include this months calendar (which is posted already on our website!) to see if there’s improvements or adjustments and additions based on your input. Help us set the year! Seeya there.

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