Some dates to remember

Coming up on the first August CFBC meeting (8/12,7pm), we will be having our annual carving themed workshop with Mike Rogers and myself with all the carving tools you can imagine. You’ll see the tools of the trade and Mike will be carving members trees. Bring cords, safety glasses, brooms, dustpans and whatever tree you’d like to have questions answered on or deadwood carved.Also coming up is the Brevard Club’s Annual Zoo show at the Brevard Zoo. This year the Brevard Club officers has extended the chance to our members free admittance to the Zoo to see the show. If you’d like this chance, send to me or to Ronn Miller directly the names of those who wish to attend (my e-mail is and Ronn’s is

The regular price of admission is $15. The dates of the show are August 13th and 14th, there will be two demos each day and a children’s program on Saturday. Contact Ronn for full details. 

I would also like to invite whoever would like to contribute, to the next board meeting, which will take place on Sunday afternoon, July 31st at the Gnarly Barley (7432 S. Orange Ave) . Send me an e-mail if you are interested in attending. 

See you soon!

Adam, The Prez  

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Three Important Regional Bonsai Events



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BSF and Tropical Bonsai Throughout the World Loses a Giant.

BSF and Tropical Bonsai Throughout the World Loses a Giant.

Jim Smith Bonsai

The Bonsai Societies of Florida and tropical bonsai throughout the world has lost a giant.  Jim Smith died peacefully in his sleep last night.  His impact on the development and refinement of tropical bonsai over the last four decades simply cannot be over estimated.

Thank you to Rob Kempinski for his poignant words.
” Jim was a quiet and incredible gentleman who willingly shared his considerable knowledge of bonsai and also the assets of his nursery. Many trees from Jim grace bonsai collections around the world. But even better, Jim never said a bad thing about anyone. He was and will always be a true gentleman of bonsai.
Here is a typical photo of Jim sharing his knowledge with Charles Bevan several years ago.”


Arrangements are being made for a memorial service.  Details will be communicated when they are finalized.


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CFBC Summer Picnic 6/12/16 Notes and Pictures

Thank you to everyone who came to the picnic on Sunday, June 12.  If you missed it, you missed a lot of fun!!  Thank you to everyone who helped with setup/cleanup and who brought food, raffles, and auction items.  Hope everyone had a lot of fun and hope to see everyone at a workshop soon!

Here is what we talked about at the Summer Picnic and the pictures from this fun event

Picnic Notes:

  • Thank you to all the current board members and welcome the new board:

PRESIDENT – Adam Lavigne


TREASURER – David Dean



Thank you Sandy and Stephen for all of your help and service to the club!

  • Thanks to everyone who helped at the BSF Convention!  A special thank you to the Raffle team (especially Rick) for making this years raffle the most successful one day raffle ever!  Also congrats to everyone who displayed a tree and competed in the scholarship competition!
  • Congrats to CFBC for winning Second place in club night!  Thanks to everyone who supplied materials and who helped out! We couldn’t have won without you!
  • Thanks to everyone who worked EPCOT this year (especially the convention weekend because it is such a hard weekend to fill!) and we look forward to next year’s festival!
  • August Carving Workshop Second Friday: August 12
  • Brevard Zoo Show: August 13 & 14 – more info to come
  • Suncoust and Hu Kyu club Auction in Clearwater with guest Juan Andrade: August 27
  • Argentine Artist Sergio Luciano: September 18
  • Thank you to Adam for donating your remaining scholarship competition money to CFBC!
  • Adam is going to bring in Juan Andrade in Mid-October with his scholarship money
  • Multi club picnic: October 29
  • Suggestions for Programs: David Cutchin Randy Clark

Picnic Pictures:

CFBC Summer Picnic 2016

Please check the calendar and events schedule page for summer events.

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Come join us for the 2016 BSF Convention here in Orlando 

This year, the CFBC is co-hosting the Bsf convention with the Treasure Coast and Sho Fu Bonsai societies. 

The exhibit is free of charge as well as the vendor room and club members need not register for the Club Night competition. 2016  Combined Program & Registration

Click on each title for details: 





2016 BSF Convention Exhibit Forms and Instructions 

See you all there! 

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