This weekends Workshop

The CFBC is getting back on schedule with our second meeting/workshop of the month this Sunday, September 24th, from 10-3 or so. This month’s roving workshop will take place at Agresta Gardens, our very own Ben Agresta’s place. Ben has been amassing what is going to be one of the most impressive private bonsai collections in the state. His trees have pedigrees from everyone like Ed Trout, Erik Wigert, Ronn Miller, and many more. It’s truly breathtaking and Ben will be giving a tour. 

The address is 1661 S. Chickasaw Trail, Orlando 32825. (407)516-8076. 

Please rsvp me ( or go to the Facebook event page and confirm your attendance. Ben is graciously providing BBQ. Bring a side dish and your drink of choice, it’s a bonsai party! 

The workshop will have a beginners theme but all levels of experience are welcome. 

See you all on Sunday the 24th! 
Adam, Prez

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Mary Madison Fieldtrip

I am sorry to announce that our upcoming field trip to Mary Madison’s Nursery (which was Sunday September 17th) has been cancelled due to hurricane cleanup at her place. 

Mary and our Corresponding Secretary, Paul

I spoke with her today and she was in good spirits, no injuries, but she doesn’t have power yet.  She lives in Lake Placid, Fl, which is east of Sebring on US 27. If you’ve been following the path of the storm, that put her right on the dirty side of Irma. She had some fallen limbs but was able to house the best bonsai in her home. All those old Japanese pots are safe as well. 

Mary’s tree in Washington DC at the national Arboretum

We offered her help in the clean up but, as I suspected she might do, she told me that it wasn’t that bad and to take care of our own families and trees. She’s a tough lady, last of  her kind. 

As for the storm’s aftermath, I am extending my hand in help to any club member that may need some manual labor or chainsaw work. I’m sure that I can rustle up some other club members with less damage who can spare a few hours to help out a fellow CFBC member. Don’t hesitate to ask, that’s what we are here for. You are not alone. (

We will reschedule the trip to Mary’s as soon as she is ready, she loves it when clubs come down to see her. 

Stay safe and we will see you soon,

Adam, Prez

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Hurricane Irma

Due to the imminent hurricane bearing down on Florida, it has been decided that it’s best, and probably even mandatory, that we postpone our meeting scheduled for Sunday, September 10, at the American Bonsai Tools facility. 

It may seem premature to cancel on now on Tuesday, but a careful watching of the news will put the state, no matter the path, into tropical storm or hurricane conditions by Saturday and Sunday. 

Photo courtesy of

My advice, beyond your regular hurricane preparedness, and for your trees, is to put out as many water collection vessels you can to collect rain water have for your trees. It is true that the water companies have generators and the water may still work, but a big tree could get uprooted, destroying a water main close by, and you could be without water for several days or a week. Or, worse, if you’re on well water, and there’s no power, you have no pumping capabilities. 

Placing all your trees on the ground, out of the wind, is a good idea, or in your garage or even your house. Pay attention to which way the wind may blow and watch out for overhanging branches that could fall on your them. 

But, please, your trees are not as important as you. Stay inside, wait out the storm. Be safe. 

We will reschedule the Welcome Back meeting, maybe for the 4th Saturday date, but all that depends on the outcome of the storm. 

Good luck!  

Adam, Prez.

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Come join us this Sunday, September 10th at American Bonsai & Tool Co. as we begin a brand new year of Bonsai. The agenda for Sunday’s meeting is replete with activities including the 3 ring tree workshop that was done last year, except with a twist. After the workshop, the trees will be available for purchase. The Board will also be presenting a new Budget, new By-laws, new Procedures and Guidelines Manual, as well as revealing the item donated for the bi-monthly raffle. We will order pizza from a local establishment and enjoy each other’s company as we celebrate our new year. Last, and certainly not least, our president Mr. Adam Lavigne will be presenting a very special award to a very special person, don’t miss it. Meeting begins at 10 am.

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We’re Moving

If you did not attend the meeting on Friday, August 11th, you missed a lot. Not only did Adam and Mike work their magic on many trees, but all of the upcoming changes we have in store were discussed. Please be on the lookout for the next Club Newsletter which will outline in detail all matters discussed. For now, just be aware of the fact that we are moving our meeting location beginning with our “Welcome Back” meeting in September. Our new meeting place will be at American Bonsai Tool & Supply Co. located at 518 Douglas Ave #1216  Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 (map). Our meetings will now be on the second Saturday of the month at 10 am. However, please bear in mind that our “Welcome Back” meeting set for September 10th is on a Sunday, please visit the “Upcoming Events” section of our website for more details.

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