Wigert’s Bonsai Annual Open House

Nov 12 and 13 were gorgeous days and a trip to Fort Myers were so promising. After two and plus hours (some can do in two hours) we arrived at the Wigert’s Bonsai nursery. There were many people in the event; however, the organization was superb. From the parking lot, sales area, bonsai displays, any place were carefully planned to make a very pleasant experience to everybody.

The demos, critique, personal collection along with the warm attention given by Andrea, Erik and all the people working there made the event a real treat.

The styling competition was fun! Ten people participated and we could feel the tension in the air with great involvement of all. Pedro Morales chose the winner.

Wigert’s Bonsai is a beautiful place with many choices of trees to buy and an inspiring awesome private collection to spend hours in delight!




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