President’s Message – November

I think it’s autumn, some days are feeling like it but some aren’t. Sorry about the cancellation of last months program, the hurricane wasn’t being very cooperative and we were lucky it wasn’t worse. I will try to get Juan Andrade for later in the year either for the club or for a program at my place, promise.
The meeting for this month will be a “All About Soil” Powerpoint presentation with many different examples of the various aggregates covered in the program. The one thing we might need is a projector and the cables to attach to a macbook. I can do the program without the powerpoint but its always fun to push buttons and have pictures to look at. If you have one we can borrow, send me an email. Thanks!
We have the Multi-club auction/picnic this month on the 5th, our part in the event is to take care of the silent auction. Last year we made a little over a hundred dollars for the club, so if you have some stuff to auction, think about bringing it. Also, bring a side dish or dessert. The Brevard club will be suppliying hot dogs and hamburgers, water and soda.
If you’d like to take a trip, the Ft Myers club has their annual show the weekend of the 5-6th, its not that long a drive…..
See you all soon!

by Adam Lavigne
MEETING DATE November 11, 2016
Meeting 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm

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