Mike Cartrett

Hope everyone had fun and learned a little something. Hopefully some of you will add a before and after picture……………..rick

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2 Responses to Mike Cartrett

  1. Don Hotz says:

    I had such a great time hosting Mike Cartrett at my home! Mike was a wonderful guest and he even charmed my killer dogs. I don’t think they even barked at him one time. He told some great stories and was fun to be around.

    Mike arrived in Orlando much sooner than he had intended due to the very poor weather. He called and when I found him looking for a place to spend a few hours I naturally invited him to come to my home earlier than planned to relax and freshen up before the meeting. Mike took me up on it and arrived about 2-3:00 PM. We talked about cars, dogs and of course “BONSAI”. I learned a great deal from Mike as we talked. I have a poor memory so I hope I can retain all the knowledge he conveyed to me. If not, I am counting on my wife to remember for me.

    I did not ask him to but he volunteered to give me some advice on my Bonsai. He does shot from the hip. I learned that most of my plants are mmmmmm, lets say in great need and leave it at that. I told Mike it was a bad winter in my defense. He did say I had a few that he thought well of. He was so entertaining and knowledgeable that the time went by much to quickly. We then headed for the meeting. With some uncertainty we got to the hidden secret location on time with a minimal of detours.

    Attendees at the meeting had to be impressed with his teaching techniques and his willingness to provide to us the benefit of his knowledge. I was one that paid particular attention to him and absorbed a great deal. He did a great job and I appreciate all of his efforts and skills. I even liked his horse shoeing tool. “Smiling”. I bought one of his Elm trees and was delighted to have him style it for me. I think in short time it will be my most cherished tree.

    I want to welcome the new members to our club and hope you all don’t kill as many trees as I do.

    Some of you went to the after meeting and we had some food and drinks. It was fun also and Mike was the hit of the party. All of the other attendees were great fun also. I had a fun evening with you all!

    I enjoyed Mike’s stay at my home so much I invited him to stay with us anytime he is in Orlando, even if he is at another club. I do hope he comes again. Hosting Mike enlightened me and I will try to play host again. It is always good to have the opportunity to have with you for a few hours a genuine authority to spend quality time with. Others from our club might want to try hosting some time, as it was a wonderful experience.

  2. Rick Jeffery says:

    Thanks again Don for hosting our guest artist. I knew you would have a great time. I’ve managed to get some one on one time with Ben Oki, Mas Imazumi, Roy Nagatashi and Ted Matson. I have nothing but fond memories. My memory is shot (and short) too! Can’t even remember if Mike C. put the aluminum shiny side out while airlayering 😉 Others in our club should attempt to host. Ask Mike L., Paul and Adam whether their relationships with Mary, Mike R and Erik has broadened their understanding. Duh, you can look at their collections and see how far they’ve come and where they’re heading. rj