Mary Madison Fieldtrip

I am sorry to announce that our upcoming field trip to Mary Madison’s Nursery (which was Sunday September 17th) has been cancelled due to hurricane cleanup at her place. 

Mary and our Corresponding Secretary, Paul

I spoke with her today and she was in good spirits, no injuries, but she doesn’t have power yet.  She lives in Lake Placid, Fl, which is east of Sebring on US 27. If you’ve been following the path of the storm, that put her right on the dirty side of Irma. She had some fallen limbs but was able to house the best bonsai in her home. All those old Japanese pots are safe as well. 

Mary’s tree in Washington DC at the national Arboretum

We offered her help in the clean up but, as I suspected she might do, she told me that it wasn’t that bad and to take care of our own families and trees. She’s a tough lady, last of  her kind. 

As for the storm’s aftermath, I am extending my hand in help to any club member that may need some manual labor or chainsaw work. I’m sure that I can rustle up some other club members with less damage who can spare a few hours to help out a fellow CFBC member. Don’t hesitate to ask, that’s what we are here for. You are not alone. (

We will reschedule the trip to Mary’s as soon as she is ready, she loves it when clubs come down to see her. 

Stay safe and we will see you soon,

Adam, Prez

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