Hurricane Irma

Due to the imminent hurricane bearing down on Florida, it has been decided that it’s best, and probably even mandatory, that we postpone our meeting scheduled for Sunday, September 10, at the American Bonsai Tools facility. 

It may seem premature to cancel on now on Tuesday, but a careful watching of the news will put the state, no matter the path, into tropical storm or hurricane conditions by Saturday and Sunday. 

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My advice, beyond your regular hurricane preparedness, and for your trees, is to put out as many water collection vessels you can to collect rain water have for your trees. It is true that the water companies have generators and the water may still work, but a big tree could get uprooted, destroying a water main close by, and you could be without water for several days or a week. Or, worse, if you’re on well water, and there’s no power, you have no pumping capabilities. 

Placing all your trees on the ground, out of the wind, is a good idea, or in your garage or even your house. Pay attention to which way the wind may blow and watch out for overhanging branches that could fall on your them. 

But, please, your trees are not as important as you. Stay inside, wait out the storm. Be safe. 

We will reschedule the Welcome Back meeting, maybe for the 4th Saturday date, but all that depends on the outcome of the storm. 

Good luck!  

Adam, Prez.

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