Cypress Forest Planting Night 1/13/17

2017 Cypress for 1/13/17

Last year, the amazing idea was thought up to make cypress forest plantings and put them on the raffle table at the BSF convention to make money for the club.  Since last year was such a hit and they made a lot of money for the club, it was decided to do cypress night again!  Like last year, we will be creating cypress forests for our club to raffle off at the upcoming BSF/ABS convention.

Adam Lavigne and Rick Jeffery went to a nursery to purchase the cypress trees we need (pictured above). The club is asking that if some of the members have pots or slabs that they think would be good for a forest planting, to please bring them!  (NOTE: Members are not required to bring pots or slabs)  Also, please bring some energy and willingness to learn and participate!  After we create our masterpieces, club members will take the compositions home and baby-sit (keep them wet) until the convention.

The club hopes to see as many club members as possible come on Friday, January 13, 2017 at 7:30 PM!  Also, word on the street is that some very delicious homemade Pumpkin treats made by Diane Lorber will be the snack for the night!  If you missed last year and wanted to get an idea of what the night is like, scroll through the photo album below!

January 2016 Cypress Night

NOTE: Informal Workshop on January 27, 2017

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